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Tour of the Park

East Main Street


Use the menus below to choose the year in which you would like to take a tour or choose the section of the park that you want to visit.


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Happy Days Amusement Center

Sock Exchange

Teams Athletic Goods

Hairy Gibbons

Pearl Factory

Old Town Deli

Ring Carver

Have your name, or the name of a loved one, embedded into a specialty ring.

Soap & Scents

Soaps, candles and other merchandise, each with their own exotic aromas and fragrances, are sold at Soaps & Scents.

Western Impressions

Guests can choose from a variety of western-themed jewelry and accessories.

Water Wars

Gator Rock

Journey to the top of this man-made climbing wall. Take a solo trek to the top or challenge a friend or family member to a race.

Paddle Boats


Old Town Portrait Gallery

Susanne's Emporium

Noora's Shells


Gold Factory

Coffelt's Taffy

Only the finest homemade taffy is sold at Coffelt's. Made from corn syrup, sugar, butter and salt, Coffelt's offers flavors including Vanilla, Raspberry, Orange, Peanut Butter, Cotton Candy and many more.

Cadillac Diner

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