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2016 Adventureland Park Rides

2016 Adventureland Park Rides and Attractions

Welcome to the Adventureland Park Rides and Attractions Page! Click on any of the rides or attractions below for more detailed information, height requirements, and pictures. For information on the rides and attractions from another particular year click on the menu to the right and pick the year you would like to view.

Main Street



Hop aboard this pint size railway for nice ride around part of the park.

Town Square Carrousel

The Town Square Carousel is fun for the entire family.

Iowa Farm



Now the kids have conquered the car ride now they can step up to the big trucks.

Dodge 'em Cars

Get ready to get agressive on this traditional bumper cars ride.

Kiddie Cars

Those small ones wanting to experience the adventure of driving need go no farther. Pick between a assorted vehicles from a snowmobile to a truck and hold on!

River Rapids Log Ride

Take the plunge on this traditional log flume ride!

Silly Silo

This compact barrel ride lines riders around a circular wall. The wall begins to rotate and riders are left clinging to it by centrifugal force. The floor then drops out from beneath riders' feet as they are spun 'round and 'round.

Country Fair

Roller Coasters


The parks original wooden coaster.


Infant Ocean

Infant Ocean is a small circular boat. While riding, children can ring the boat's bell and steer the wheel.

Sky Ride

This ride took guests on an aerial trip over the park. The ride had two stations, one in Country fair and the other in Bavaria.

Dragon Island

Roller Coasters


An intense double looping coaster



The cars follow a circluar track which contains several dips. If you don't really know the person you are riding with before the ride begins, you definitely will after the ride is over.

Puff the Dragon

Kids set in dragon shaped cars that spin around a center shaft. As the handle in the car is pulled, the ride will go up.

Outlaw Gulch

Roller Coasters


The main attraction in an expansion by the park to commerate their anniversary in 1993.


Chuck Wagon

This miniature ferris wheel for children and parents features six gondolas that resemble covered wagons of the old west. Once aboard, guests rise high above Outlaw Gulch for a bird's-eye view of the fun below.

Saw Mill Splash

This spinning raft ride is the first of its kind in the country. Riders are seated in a circular raft and are lifted 60 feet above Outlaw Gulch before twisting and turning down a fiberglass trough and ending with a splash into a geyser-filled pool.

River City


Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs is a small circular ride. The ride is your basic circular children's ride and consists of six beetle-shaped cars.

Lady Luck

Lady Luck moves in a circular pattern while being elevated from the ground.


Lighthouse is a small, circular ride located near the Gyro Snacks stand. Riders are seated in one of the 6 gold gondolas as the ride rotates counter clockwise. Throughout the ride, the gondolas quickly swing outward.

Raging River

Raging River takes riders on a five minute journey down carzy river. During the experience, riders encounter waterfalls, rapids and geysers that are bound to soak unsuspecting guests.

Round Up

A staple park ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl spins riders in egg shaped cars around a ramped platform.

The Boulevard


Balloon Race

Get carried away aboard one of the park's hot air balloons.

Der Flinger

Similar to a Ferris wheel, the Paratrooper features a wheel with two-passenger gondolas around the perimeter. As the wheel rotates, it also lifts towards the sky at a 45-degree angle, causing each of the gondolas to swing slightly outward.

Falling Star

Swing pendulum style before completing a 360 degree rotation.


Galleon is basically a giant swing. During the ride, the boat swings back and forth, reaching heights of over 50 feet. Riders also experience a feeling of weightlessness as the boat reaches its maximum height.

Giant Skywheel

Giant Skywheel is Adventureland's large Ferris wheel. From the top you can get a birds eye view of the park and surrounding area.


Bound to be a classic, the inverter flips you upside down 50 feet in the air!


This ride sure looks like on wicked ride but looks can be deceiving. You board on of two ride platforms and are locked in place with over the should restraint (warning not for the large size person). The platforms then rotate 360 degrees in the air sending riders upside down. This all takes place as you spin around the center shaft. The ride does not move very fast but does leave you hanging upside down for brief moments.

Tea Cups

The Tea Cups is one of the oldest rides out. You board small cars that are shaped like Tea Cups. There 4 Tea Cups attached to circular floor that spins. The cars are then free to spin (powered by the rider) 360 degrees around its center as the car spins around the platform. Not for the week stomach.



Sky Ride

This ride took guests on an aerial trip over the park. The ride had two stations, one in Country fair and the other in Bavaria.

Space Shot Midway

Roller Coasters

The Underground

A modern day scenic railway.



G-Force is like an updated scrambler. It moves in a circular "egg beater" motion while the cars are elevated up slightly and the cars spin freely around the their centers.

Red Baron

Red Baron is composed of small, colored airplanes that children can fly. The planes hold two people each and the riders can adjust the height of the plane while it is flying.

Space Shot

Feel the force of one of the tallest space shots in the midwest!