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Detonator shoots 24 passengers 180 feet into the air at speeds of 45 miles per hour. Riders than freefall back to earth and are launched once again before landing softly at the launch pad below. During the launch, riders experience 4.5 G's and during the freefall, riders experience -1.5 G's (or a feeling of weightlessness).


Several items are unique about Detonator. It was the first S&S Space Shot installed at a theme park in the United States and was also the first model to include a twin tower design. Detonator led to the three and four tower designs that are currently found at many other parks across the country including Power Tower at Cedar Point and Supreme Scream at Knott's Berry Farm.

Detonator is powered by compressed air. The amount of air needed to launch is determined by the total weight of the riders. The compressed air is dumped through 16 inch valves that sit on top of 4 piston tubes. The compressed air drives the pistons down, sending the cars in the opposite direction, in this case up. The air pressure that sent the cars up also acts as a cushion for the falling cars. The cars bounce back up under the remaining air pressure and continue doing this until all of the air pressure is dissipated. This is sort of like how a balloon reacts when a hole is punched in it. The compressed (helium) air is sent out one way while it propels the balloon in the opposite direction. Of course when the balloon runs out of air it falls to the ground. The same is true with Detonator.

Location: Americana
Year Introduced: 1996
Years at this Location: 1996 to present
Ride/Attraction Type: Space Shot
Thrill Factor: Aggressive
Height Requirement: 48 "
Highest Point: 200 feet
Largest Drop: 180 feet
Duration: 0:30
Maximum Speed: 45 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4.5
Number of towers: 2
Passengers per tower: 12
Manufacturer's Listed Hourly Capacity: 720
Manufacturer: Sports Power, Inc.
Similar Ride/Attraction:

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