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Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet

After being fired from the station, riders are sent hurtling over nearly 2,000 feet of track as the Silver Bullet ricochets off of everything in its path...including one giant loop.

Location: South Midway
Year Introduced: 1986
Years at this Location: 1986 to present
Ride/Attraction Type: Looping Star
Thrill Factor: Aggressive
Height Requirement: 48" [42" w/ adult]
Highest Point: 83 feet
Largest Drop: 75 feet
Ride Length: 1942 feet
Duration: 1:15
Inversions: 1
Maximum Speed: 45 mph
Number of trains: 1
Number of cars per train: 7
Passengers per car: 4
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
Similar Ride/Attraction:

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July 18, 2004 by Chance A.